Reflecting on Ideas-2

Once the images had been taken I was looking at ways of how again to contextualise my work in order for it to receive the response i was hoping.

As at the beginning of my creative process and through FMP Ideas I found explaining the concept of my images quite difficult and then there was the matter of how I would be displaying  my images. This is an important part of the project as much as taking the images themselves, as I believe how you present the work has an affect own how you portray the images as a whole.

Originally I had chosen to go with the idea of having my images in boxes (Explained in FMP ideas blog). This would mean 3 boxes each displaying each image cut into 4 sections.-explained better below 🙂





The 4 different faces of model would be in top section, torso middle and so on. However after numerous discussions with the company I was hoping to get these made from, I realised I will not enough have time to wait for boxes to arrive. Due to time constraints I had to re-evaluate the outcome of display.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 02.46.47

This then changed my project plan where i had originally decided to use boxes as a concept.










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