After my creative process shoot I had a better idea of the images I wanted for the final major project however, I wanted to make sure correct lighting was used for final images. This would save time and would enable me to concentrate on capturing the images rather then worrying about correct exposure, lighting and props.


         F/6.3 ISO 1/125                       F/5.0 1/160                    F 1.8 ISO 1/120

Using a grey material backdrop with the mannequin I used lighting such as Octobox, flash with grid to give a more soft light, continuous light and a beauty dish. All three were tried from different angles and I had to keep a note of which light was used for each image. Exploring different lighting was to save myself more time, therefore exploring lighting techniques was useful.


I had used a model later on this shoot and progress was made in choosing the correct lighting and exposure settings.


I decided to use the octobox and beauty dish for my final images. The octobox was to soften the area around the model as I would need full portrait images, whereas the beauty dish worked best for the face.



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