Contextualising Ideas

Exploring multiple frames is what I was looking as these boxes each represented a frame on each side. so I researched some photographers and websites that would have images in this context. As I mentioned having correlating frames combined with the images, have a direct bearing on the interpretation of the images themselves.

As my images were portraying an interchanging personalities within one model I needed a few frames to portray this context. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 15.46.18


Joe Lavine-Wyoming Landscape(June 2006)

Dividing single images in multiple ones is another way to explore displaying my images.

After peer feedback I decided to look at multiple uses of frames,but still portraying the interchanging of one person.

This is similar to how contact sheets in the darkroom are created, where there are multiple images in one frame.


For my images I will be using 12 frames in a 4 by 3 pattern. All the top photographs will have the heads displayed, and the rest will be a mix match of the different outfit/bodies.


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