Librado is a travel, glamour and fashion photographer who specialises in creating amazing creative images. So much so that he was classed as “one of the 5 best photographers you haven’t heard about” quoted by Scott Kelby another great photographer.

Graduating from a high school in the Philippines and having Steve McCurry as his idol in photographer Librado took his small knowledge of photography to the most advanced whilst travelling from country to country. Classifying himself as a ‘spontaneous’ shooter and not much of a technical photographer, he managed to evoke intense emotion and colour through his pictures.

Shooting from a Sony A7 Librado makes it no secret that he equipment wise he like to travel light and relying on natural lighting most of the time, Librado achieves artistry in his images rather than focusing on technically correcting an image through exposure etc.

His images portraying intense vibrance and high contrast, depict a sense of passion colours and vitality. The energy brought out through his images explore the beauty of colours and cultures each found though his travels around the world.  





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