Guy Bourdin


Bourdin was a self-taught French photographer who photographed for Vogue, Chanel, and Charles Jordan, a French shoe designer.

His work was first exhibited in 1952 with his fascinating stories, compositions in black and white and colour images. He used fashion photography as his starting concept to portray his ideas and messages through images exploring the intriguing and sublime.

His suggestive narratives gave out a sense of perfectionist and humour making his images the unconventional, yet engaging to the viewer. I would classify his images as not just images but more in the forms of contemporary art.

What caught my eye for Gourdins images was his way of expressing his creative freedom by exploring intense colours through contemporary art. His images depict meticulous composition and cropped elements found in most of his images. Hi images bring together beauty and art in one image. I have always enjoyed art and believe it is a medium to explore many other concepts which can interlink to photography very well as Gourdin has shown.

His expression of high contrasted colours mix with intense high fashion images create the perfect picture to depict the metaphors that Bourdin has explored in many of his images.


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