Bruno Metra

Metra created portrait of people using celebrity body parts. This was to create a reaction of what people thought of this more physical form of eccentric retouching.

This was to create a way of questioning people influential side of how media affects their physical identity and psychological well-being. This is something I had first started exploring through my creative process when researching why images are retouched to the extent that they are.

Metra talks of the power of media, and how it has an impact on what we wear, how we behave & how we choose to behave.






This helped me to explore ideas of how I could portray certain identities people choose to display in different environments. How much we want to portray is based on how comfortable we are with wanting to show ourselves to the world. We pick and choose what suits us at the time, whether it’s what we wear or how we behave. Each choice is based on who we are associating with or the situation we are place in.


This gave me an area to explore interchanging people. How one individual can impersonate many different traits or characteristics and how they are judged in behaving this way.

Through my creative process, I was exploring the idea of ‘dressing up’. (in creative folder) Once receiving the feedback from peers I knew this is something I wanted to explore further.

This concept tied in with what Metra has tried to achieve in the unconventional way perhaps but the thought process is relatively the same.


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